Find Five Seconds

Did you click the wrong button? Google me for some reason? No, that doesn’t sound right. What would possess you do that?

Hang on, hang on. Now that you’re here … hello.

I write, and I have to put it all somewhere. So I have a blog


I’ve written a novel. We all probably have one inside us. I decided to stop thinking about writing one and went ahead and wrote it. Now I realize there is another one inside me and it would simply be unhealthy for me not to write that one, too. Okay. I see where this is headed.


My wife, son, and I went on a three week road trip in May of 2017. I wrote about it.


I’ve been off social media for a while, and feeling much better about that choice with every passing day.

If you’re wondering what “Find Five Seconds” means, all I can say is that it sounds like something I should write about soon.


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